Julian’s Gem’s

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Here we show-case our finest art pieces.
They are made from the most exotic hardwoods available in Belize. We make unique pieces that cannot be found anywhere else.
Care & Feeding of Your Rosewood Burl Carving. Your museum-quality rosewood burl work-of-art was carved from some of the densest tropical hardwood in the world.
The properties of this exceedingly tight wood-grain allows it to be sanded to the finest possible grit, and then friction-buffed, the old-fashioned way, with natural waxes to a high natural luster.
There is no polyurethane or oil-based coating on the outside. Therefore, do not use products like Pledge, Murphy’s Oil Soap, or any type of furniture oil. If dust or fingerprints accumulate over time and dull the shine, simply buff gently by hand with a super-soft, non-treated, dusting cloth. (Natural soft cotton diaper material is the very best.)
If a little more persuasion is necessary, sparingly apply a bit of neutral Kiwi shoe wax, and rub the artwork vigorously with a super-soft cloth. The lustrous shine will reappear almost instantaneously. Rule-of-thumb: “Treat the wood like a pair of shoes.” .